Is Media Ignorant On Some Racist Issues?


Today, we tend to realize that the power of discourse in society cannot be underestimated. Racist talks are very evident in every day conversations. However in contemporary Western cultures talking openly and making racist comments is a taboo.Over the last decades racism has been increasing. People have their own thoughts when it comes to people with different cultures. W e comes across such behaviour, that is based on racism almost everyday. People have various thoughts for certain cultures. For example a large population tend to see Muslims as terrorists, some people believe that Black people are criminals, Jews are always bad. These are believes of people not based on any fact but only on their instincts.


picture taken from:Muslims debate.

In some cases the media tends to turn to particular individuals within the community, and give them the position of spokespeople. One random person chosen by the media is seen to represent the whole community an its opinions.The media only focus on getting a story and giving their judgements on it. When people of colour or aboriginal are given the chance to speak, their words are often surrounded with quotes or even preceded with alleged.Media too is responsible for putting negative valuation on people of colours well as aboriginal people. The media is increasing to be more judgemental rather than providing the true side of the story.


Picture taken from:living at the edge.

Donald Sterling who is an American business,former attorney as well as the owner of Los Angeles Clippers Professional basketball franchise of the National Basketball Association. Donald Sterling recently made many racist comments on the Black, but the media never brought this story into the lime light. It was only after TMZ got a clipping of his remarks and he was considered racist. However the media did not find it important to mention about his racist views, which was probably intentionally done. No one seemed to care including National Media. Sterling also paid nearly $3 million for settling federal charges, since he had tried to drive out Black and Hispanic renters out of his buildings. This news was not covered at all. Was the media sleeping?What does this tell about media? Again this brings us again to the thought that media is corrupted, it makes mole hills out of mountains and on the other hand such a racist behaviour by Donald Sterling was kept away from people.


Picture taken from: Donald Sterling investigated by NBA as Clippers owner denies being a racist

Racism and the Media.

Donald Sterling’s Racism: Why have the national media snoozed until now?


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