Fashion and Feminism.


When we think about fashion and its relation with feminism, several questions tend to make way in our brain. A very significant question being that is fashion feminist? This question has been posed over again and agin in the past decades and is continuing to be debated about every now and then. However, the fashion industry has always been criticized for focusing on the view that a woman’s appearance is her most valuable asset. But this statement is not acceptable by many women in the world who go with the view that fashion is a method of individual empowerment.


Picture taken from: Fashionably informed: fashion $ feminism 101.

Feminism emerges in the late 1960s as well as early 1970s. This was the era when women started rejecting their traditional feminine roles. Women were seen as an object and disrespected for many decades.Today Feminism amy have different meaning for different people but the basic fact remains that women are equal to men and deserve to be treated in the same manner. Feminism strongly suggests that women should be valued as human beings and not just visual objects.


Picture taken from: Fashionably informed: Fashion $ Feminism 101.

Fashion and feminism go hand in hand. However fashion strongly agrees with the fact that it should really not matter what we look like and again it contradicts this statement by telling us how to dress like women. However the issue of the 21st century is that todays teens as well adults, have a very hyper-sexualized idea of how a women should look. It is easy to blame fashion for what has happened to the perceptions of femininity in the past years. Some decades back power suits were the female armour rather tan Bum lifts or fake eyelashes.


Picture taken from:Ask Allie: Feminism and Fashion

However every individual has their own thoughts. I feel clothing is basically a part of a women’s image or her personality, a woman should not be judged by her appearance. A woman can be intelligent and as well as a leader if she is capable of carrying herself with confidence.Fashion and feminism have long been part of each other.

Fashionably Informed:Fashion $ Feminism 101.

Fashion and Feminism – How Do They Fit Together?

Is fashion a feminist issue, after all?


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