The Judgemental Views of Media.

Amninder kaur

The Media, radio,television as well as cinema have now become the arenas through which every individual receives most of their information about the world as well as entertainment. The media assist the majority of the population in knowing what significant events are taking place around the globe.Apart from this the media offer powerful interpretations of hot to understand these important events.The media makes use of language and images to create meaning about the environment around us.Through various methods of representation the media offers us explanations. This enables people to make sense of what is going around the world. However, in carrying out these activities the media tend to give privilege to some issues and devaluate others and thus the audience end up obtaining judgemental views.


picture taken from: Media influence:stop it or use it.

However, sometimes Media tends to exaggerate very small issues to a great extent.An example would be Paul Henry, who is a New Zealand based radio and television broadcaster. He is no stranger to controversy.Henry was suspended from his job because in a recent clip he cracked a joke on the name of New Delhi’s chief minister Sheila Dikshit, he stated her name as “Dick Shit” and the media judged it as being racial because Sheila Dikshit was an Indian and the news created the misunderstanding that Paul Henry was being racist. He clarified his statement in an interview saying that it was his job to entertain audience, he apologized but yet he was brought into news by media for being racist. His intentions were not what the media stated them as. Henry broke his silence later in an Australian Programme. Paul Henry was blamed of being racist by the media. The media turned a mole hill into a mountain for which Henry faced a lot of issues, even ended up losing his job due to the pressure the media had imposed on this news.


Picture taken from Fire Paul Henry activism update, Boycott TVNZ Advertisers campaign gearing up.

We usually see many comedians or hosts making fun of people and the media would just ignore them but since Henry had previously made some comments, his words were blown out by media to a great extent. The media destroyed the image of Paul Henry and he ended up losing repeat from people which he deserved. The audience tend to follow the media and every word they say. The media influences the audience, be it with their own personal judgements and the audience believes the word of the media as the last word.


Racist discourses and power in the media.

Indians protest Paul Henry’s new media jobs.


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