Fashion a Feminist issue?

Amninder kaur
July 3.


Picture from Is fashion a Feminist issue.

Is fashion a feminist issue? This has long enough been a debated topic for many years. However, there are some sexist reasons for this. One significant answer to this question is that females in our society are very much seen as ornamental, they are highly valued for their looks, the way they dress, the way they carry themselves rather than on their accomplishments or success.But the fact yet remains that women have a lot more choice and leeway in fashion as compared to men. Women have a wider range of colours, fabrics, jewellery, make-up as well as hairstyles.We tend to observe that entire categories of clothing’s are available to women while men have limits to their wardrobes.If fashion was considered to be a language than the women would have a very much wider vocabulary than the men.

It is certainly correct to say that fashion is a form of expression in which women have more freedom than men. one may oppose this view but this comes as a fact that fashion and style are primarily a women’s art form. In my view this statement is treated as trivial because women too are treated like trivial.


Picture taken from: Fashion is a Feminist issue.

Many questions occur in our brain as we think of fashion and feminism.There was an Israeli Fashion Week named “Equal/Unequal” which was related to the feminine emotions such as compassion, care and love. The fashion week was to give respect to women as individuals. This fashion Show was for the recognition of the feminine emotions. This show was a platform to draw attention to the society about the exploitation of women.
Fashion, has been associated with women, even though it may be dismissed as trivial but on the other hand it shapes how we are read by other people on the levels of gender, race as well as class.The way we are read by others is the way we are treated in the workplace whether we are respected or how well we are paid. History, fortunately has demonstrated how feminists can harness fashion and use it for political purposes too.


Picture taken from:If the Clothes fit: A feminist take on fashion.


Fashion is a feminist issue.

Is there such a thing as feminist fashion?

If the clothes fit: A feminist takes on fashion.


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