Fashion magazines: alternative media.

Gurvinder kaur
June 29

Every little concept of fashion is found in the magazines. Magazines have become a big source of information as well as latest fashion tips. As we travel we tend to realize how people grab magazines during their journey and go through them especially women. Fashion magazines are crossing the lines.


picture taken from Alternative Fashion Magazines: Rebel Against the Printed Word

These magazines in a very short period of time have achieved their popularity. The magazines such as vogues and Elles of this world. The magazines are printed in a very attractive way and a lot of issues of fashion that are ignored or untouched are written in these magazines.A very popular magazine is the “The Gentleman” as it addresses and offers a fresh as well as intelligent approach to how women want to dress up, look thin. The editor-in-chief of the magazine Penny Martin says,”
God knows there’s a whole media that will slag off any woman … and we’re hopefully an antidote to that.” We can’t resist a
a fashion rag that puts Angela Lansbury on the cover!

On the other hand there are many other magazines which reveal a lot about the fashion world which even the mainstream media may not.One such magazine is the Hello Mr magazine. It is a magazine about men who date men, the articles are very much accessible to a vast number of readers.The publication of this magazine works to shatter stereotypes and gives a more realistic picture to the “fabulous” camp gay, which even the mainstream media would not.

picture taken from Nine alternative fashion magazines

However these alternative magazines do not only keep their limits until clothing and style but move on to food with style as well.These magazines find out attractive ways to attract readers and rarely make use of advertisements like the mainstream media would.Many magazines focus on the cooking of food in a stylish way which tends to interest not only a large population of women but men too.

picture taken from Nine alternative fashion magazines.

Reading one of these magazines tend to interest the audience so much to addict them to buy another one. They tend to give a broader view of the story and this makes the reader more fond. Theses magazines tend to be making use of celebrity lives and large population who is fond of these people will definitely be involved in the alternative fashion magazines rather than the mainstream media.

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