Alternative media fashion mobs.

Amninder tiwana
27th June 2014

Alternative media tends to provide more detailed information that a audience desires to know. This makes the audience more interested in the story line be it related to fashion, gender,sexuality or racism. As compared to the mainstream media, Alternative media gives a much more deeper understanding of the subject. In todays era a vast number of fashion weeks take place all over the major cities. Many fashion events are carried out under this project known as the Columbus Alternative Fashion . AFW is basically a full week of community events that elaborates on the Fashion in Columbus. It helps in promoting the diversity of local designs and creations in all aspects such as styling, promotion, marketing etc.


picture from Alternative fashion mob.

Alternative media does not basically work for profits but rather for raising funds for certain foundations. The AFW is a source of alternative media that tends to cover fashion weeks and helps each designer to create their own branding which would assist them financially too. AFW is basically fashion mob which tends to promote fashion but in a unique way. Alternative media operate under a mandate rather than a profit motive as the AFW is doing.They are focussed on providing various opinions and idea that are not available in corporate press. In the attempt to have a better interest from their audience they usually seek participation from the committee.Alternative media focus more on the poorly represented group or community just as the Alternative Fashion Week is more focused on the fashion industry ands helping out designers financially is their motive unlike other commercial media. Even though alternative fashion is viewed and expressed through many same channels like the mainstream fashion such as fashion shows, websites as well as magazines.Alternative fashion media tend to focus more on fashion related to sub-cultures such as emo, goth and hip-hop. This is extremely attention grabbing for the audience.


picture from Sub culture fashion trends

In the fashion industry the alternative media tends to touch certain topics that main stream media would not.For example the sub-culture fashion shows is basically elaborated more by alternative media because it focuses more on the ignored issues of the society. This becomes a reason for the audience to be more focussed.Fashion is a fast growing industry and has various aspects to it which are untouched but groups such as the Alternative Fashion Week work as an alternative media to spread more about local fashion which the mainstream media would ignore.

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