Fashion Freedom under Surveillance.

Amninder kaur
In the era today we realize that nothing has stayed private anymore. Access to privacy has been a long debated topic since the past time. The invasion of privacy has not even left the fashion industry. The fashion industry too is under the threat of surveillance. However the fashion industry is finding out ways too escape from this threat.
The rise of surveillance technology, including face recognition software, body scans and cell phones as locators, has resulted in some creative attempts to elude it.Designer Adam Harvey experiments with “fashion to challenge authoritarian surveillance” in a series called Stealth Wear . Anti-Drone garments protect against thermal imaging, a special cell phone pocket blocks signals, and off-the-wall makeup and hair styling techniques make it hard to ID faces. This has proved to be of great success for the fashion industry.


picture taken from: Stealth Wear: Counter-Surveillance Fashion Protects Privacy 

The invention of the anti-drone garments has been used to prevent surveillance.The Anti-Drone garments are made with a lightweight, metal fabric that reflects heat, masking the wearer’s thermal signature so they won’t show up in thermal imaging scans. Two of the designs are inspired by Muslim garments, including the burqa and scarf. This has been used in order to cover the face.Apart from major social media platforms such as Facebook and Tweeter as well as YouTube, the fashion industry’s love affair with social media has produced a number of unique sites. Many sites allow pictures to be posted so that people can follow ip with fashion statements.So basically a lot of the functions of the fashion industry lead to invasion on the privacy.However the clothing lines are also bringing in the trend of Anti-surveillance cloth lines to be used.

Privacy is a big concern for the entire world let alone the fashion industry. Many top designers are working on ways to bring about clothing lines which will be anti-surveillance. Such clothing lines will help to minimize the rate of privacy concerns taking place in the industry. However at the park the industry is growing its not possible to manage to finish up the privacy concern but one can only try to reduce it. The fashion industry cannot be considered anti-surveillance. Even by the introduction of Anti-surveillance clothing lines there is yet harm to privacy in fashion industry.


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