Strategic Surveillance in Fashion

Gurvinder kaur





In todays world the social media networks,Fashion blogs and many other fashion-focused websites enable companies to get a sense of their market value. This can be exemplifies by how many times there products are mentioned online and how many followers it has on twitter as well as how many likes it has on Facebook. Additionally, websites such as and, which act as e-wardrobes, contain powerful information on the popularity of products. Internet has benefitted many online selling markets and helped them to know their market value and popularity of their products. Despite the benefits of the Internet, sales profits, the traditional method of understanding customers, remains a key tool of strategic surveillance.



picture from chron

Fashion companies pay close attention to what their customers are buying or seeking to purchase as it helps them determine what trends to adopt.This has been a strategy used by companies for a long period of time. An “it” bag, for instance, is quickly replicated by many fashion companies to take advantage of a sought after style. It is understandably important for fashion companies to stay on top of, and even ahead of trends. In the modern era only the fashion brands that stay ahead of fashion tend to be more successful in business. Social networking sites are watching how competitors and clients react to a changing company strategy and receive their comments. The companies allow their customers to post their problems or their likings for a company and this helps the markets of fashion to grow.


Image from Chron.

Fashion business has gone viral by the use of internet sites today.Marketing strategy for the fashion-related business can take the form of implementing a single means of promotion, or devising a system to track the effectiveness of a variety of approaches. Companies initiate the strategy by establishing the brand ,the essence of your fashion business that people will come to recognize, incorporating it into every marketing method that is employed. Every little thing that takes place in the fashion industry has is being surveyed and companied are being entitles to large amounts of information from their customers. Prior to this era fashion was not such a hot topic but today the celebrities tend to bring fashion in and their ways are followed by teenagers all over the world making fashion a huge business to be under surveillance.

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